Some Great Catches
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Seasonal Catches


     During the Months of January through March the main Target fish is the popular Giant Bluefin Tuna. You can
     also expect to catch a few Yellowfin Tuna, and King Mackeral.


     In April the Yellowfin Tuna take center stage. These are great fighting fish with top speeds up to 70 miles per
     hour. They're also great to eat.


     Blue Marlin and dolphin begin to show up in May as the water temperatures start to rise. This is a transitional
     month. If the temperatures stay cool the yellowfins stay around longer but when the temps begin to rise the
     Marlins and Dolpin begin to appear.


     June and July are big months for Dolphin, Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sailfish, and a few yellowfin Tuna. You had
     better book early for these months!


     In August you can expect to catch good catches of all makes of Marlins and sailfis along with Wahoos, Dolphins,
     and Tuna.


     The Cooling waters of september begins to bring in some King Mackeral along with the Marlins, Sailfish, Tuna
     and Dolphins.


     Early in October you can expect good Wahoo fishing. Later in the month you can expect live bait "King Mackeral
     fishing at it's best."


     The cooling waters provide good catches of King Mackeral, and some yellowfin Tuna. Towards the middle of the
     month we begin seeing the Giant Bluefin Tuna.

Recent Catches

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